Marketing Coordinator

Alex Jurisich

  • Swan Lake or The Nutcracker? The Nutcracker
  • Patti Smith then or now? Now
  • Swim or Hike? Can I float?
  • Pistachio or Cashew? Pistachio
  • Tortoise or Crocodile? Crocodile
  • Jon Snow or Tyrion Lannister? Tyrion Lannister
  • Can't Sleep or Can't Stay Awake? Can't Sleep
  • Mississippi River or River Seine? River Seine
  • Chelsea Clinton or Ivanka Trump? Chelsea Clinton
  • Brooklyn Bridge or Golden Gate Bridge? Brooklyn Bridge
  • 90 Degrees or 30 Degrees? 90 degrees
  • The Godfather or Goodfellas? The Godfather
  • Toothache or sore toe? Sore toe
  • Kim or Kendall? Neither
“Recently I have become very domestic and want my house to look perfect. It’s not."