Project Designer

Amy Kwok

  • Coast or Valley Coast
  • Rope Swing or Zip line Rope Swing
  • New Year's Eve or New Year's Day New Year's Day
  • Scrambled or Sunny Side Up Scrambled
  • Eclectic or Minimal Minimal
  • Hole in the wall or reservation required Hole in the wall
  • Road trip or Long Flight Road Trip
  • Ice Cream or Popsicle Ice Cream
  • Read the Directions or Figure it out Figure it out
  • Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel Ferris Wheel
  • Sandals or Boots Boots
  • Phone Case or Case Free Phone case
  • Comedy or Drama Comedy
  • Wake up early or stay out late Wake up early
“The reason I moved to San Francisco is because I had a lot of friends here from different parts of my life, and predominantly all the kick-ass women lived here. “