Project Assistant

Courtney DeWalt

  • Backhand or Forehand? Can't have one without the other.
  • Ligonberries or Blueberries? Ligonberries
  • Quaint or Extravagant? A little of both.
  • Specify Lighting or Finishes? Lighting
  • Neutral or Bright? Neutral
  • Alber Elbaz or Alexander Wang? Alexander Wang
  • Roller Coaster or Ferris Wheel? Ferris Wheel
  • Be Content or Shake Things Up? Be Content
  • Accessorize or Minimalist? Accessorize
  • Now or Later? Now
  • Sleep In or Get Up Early? Sleep In
  • Turn up the Music or TV? Music
  • In It To Win It or Just Having Fun? In It To Win It
  • The O.C. or The Hills? Junk or Debates.
“I don’t think it’s good to go back and try to do something that you’ve already done because you’ll try to get the same result or emulate a feeling from it. You need to move forward and try something new, something fresh. I like exploring the unknown…there’s always something to learn.”