Project Designer - Brand

Donald Koide

  • Vinyl or MP3? DJ spinning vinyl
  • Bulldog or Golden Retriever? I love 'em both
  • Asymmetrical or Symmetrical? Symmetrical
  • Head first or Feet first? Head first
  • 4th of July or Thanksgiving? 4th of July
  • Traffic jam or Crowded MUNI? Traffic jam
  • Swing or Slide? Swing
  • Images or Type? Depends on the context
  • Sashimi or Rolls? Rolls
  • Elevator or Escalator? Elevator
  • Murals or Graffiti? Graffiti
  • Raiders or 49ers? Raiders
  • Dan Patrick or Joe Buck? Joe Buck is the worst
  • Overtime or Tie? Overtime
“When I go hiking, I don’t want there to be other people around. I don’t want to run into other people’s trash. I just want to be where I’m kind of the smallest thing there.”