Design Director

Elizabeth Vereker

  • Minimalist or Embellished? Depends
  • Filters or Raw? Raw
  • Movie or Book? Book
  • Madison Bumgarner or Tim Lincecum? Hunter Pence
  • Farm Girl or Beauty Queen? Farm Girl
  • Pop or Soda? Soda
  • PBR or Lagunitas? Lagunitas
  • Vintage or Modern? Vintage
  • New York thin crust or Chicago deep dish? Ooohh both
  • Boy Meets World or The Wonder Years? The Wonder Years
  • Netflix or Hulu? Hulu
  • Coconut water or Gatorade? Coconut water
  • Early bird or Night owl? Night owl
  • Necklace or Bracelet? Bracelet
  • Skyline or Spaghetti? Skyline of course!
“My inspiration comes from clutter—visual clutter. My workspace looks like a tornado hit it—neon post-its, scribbled to-do-lists, wind-up toys, Pantone chips—a very colorful tornado—empty Diet Coke cans, design books, a token bottle of Boone's Farm (for my Ohio roots)...”