Design Assistant

Emi Katagiri

  • Leather or Fabric? Leather
  • Mountains or Beach? Oregon Coast
  • Sushi or Pizza? Sushi
  • San Francisco or Oakland? Oakland
  • Street or Framed art? Street
  • Jennifer Lawrence or Reese Witherspoon? Drew Barrymore
  • Sci-fi or Documentary? Documentary
  • Book or Kindle? Book
  • Cook or Take-Out? Take-Out, Boxed, or Frozen Food
  • Furniture or Lighting? Furniture
  • Etsy or Amazon? Amazon
  • Always lost or Direction savvy? Always lost
  • James Brown or Taylor Swift? Taylor Swift
  • Pressed Coffee or Keurig? Keurig
"Volunteering at the Art Murmur opened me up to the art scene in Oakland. It helped me to think of Oakland as a home."