George Craigmyle

  • Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit? Lord of the Rings
  • Black Pudding or Bacon? Bacon
  • Oakland A's or SF Giants? A's
  • Mountains or Valleys? Mountains
  • Boots or Sneakers? Boots
  • New or Old? Old
  • Rugby or Soccer? Soccer
  • Denim or Plaid? Denim
  • Acoustic or Electric? Electric
  • Spiders or Snakes? Snakes
  • Take Away or Dine In? Dine In
  • Ocean breeze or Chilly fog? Chilly fog
  • Gmail or Outlook? Outlook
  • Basement or Attic? Basement
“Glasgow is a lot more local [than San Francisco]. Each place you go to, everyone ends up knowing everyone. You can’t really get up to no good because everyone will know about it.”