Jill Gentles

  • Superhero or Super Villain? Superhero
  • Wink or Blink? Wink
  • Making a Murderer or Serial? Making a Murderer
  • City Lights or Starry Nights? City Lights
  • Chisel or Saw? Chisel
  • Beanies or Scarves? Beanies
  • Margaritas or Mojitos? Margaritas
  • Cruise or Race? Cruise
  • Wovens or Prints? Wovens
  • Basics or Statement Piece? Statement Piece
  • Teak or Bamboo? Teak or Bamboo?
  • Guggenheim or Pantheon? Pantheon
  • Sucker or Lollipop? Lollipop
  • Video or Stills? Stills
“When I think of a saw, I think of just cutting. It’s more construction. When I think about the chisel, I think about crafting something small. It has to do with scale and because you can get into the details.”