Design Director

Joseph Rodriguez

  • Bottom of the Hill or The Fillmore? Bottom the the Hill
  • Pliny the Younger or Lost Abbey Veritas? Lost Abbey
  • Dexter or The Wire? Dexter
  • Electric or Bass? Electric
  • Data Seeker or Day Dreamer? Day Dreamer
  • Drip Coffee or Americano? Drip Coffee
  • Bail or Wipe Out? Wipe Out
  • Entrepreneur or Investor? Entrepreneur
  • See the Future or Change the Past? See the Future
  • Triumph or Ducati? Triumph
  • Rule Maker or Breaker? Breaker
  • Hurricanes or Earthquakes? Earthquakes
  • Gulf Coast or Pacific Coast? Pacific Coast
  • Renzo Piano or Jean Nouvel? Renzo
“My outlook on life is totally different now. After having some great experiences in San Francisco, I just want to keep going! If something presents itself, I’m open to going for it, instead of sitting back, analyzing and questioning.”