Office Manager

Liliana Lewicka

  • Bee Sting or Mosquito Bite? Bee Sting
  • Pet a cat or draw a cat? Pet a cat
  • Thunderstorm or Blizzard? Thunderstorm
  • Gamla Stan or Sodermalm? Gamla Stan
  • Kieslowski Red, Blue or White? Ohhh...that's a hard choice
  • Michael Jordan or Dennis Rodman? Michael Jordan
  • Deep Dish or Thin Crust? Deep Dish
  • Improvise or Plan it Out? Improvise
  • The Trib or The Reader? The Reader
  • Ride a bike or take the bus? Ride a bike
  • Dawn in the woods or dawn in the city? Dawn in the city
  • Novel or Poem? Poem
  • Climb the fence or walk to the gate? Climb the fence
  • Museum wall or alley wall? Museum wall
  • Dubious election or Violent revolution? Violent revolution
“I’ve always been interested in more than just art. I remember as a kid going to auto shows in Chicago. Multidisciplinary—I think that’s the word.”