Senior Project Manager

Manny Reza

  • Highway or back roads? Back roads
  • Jobs or Wozniak? Jobs
  • Market Street or Elkhorn Village? Market Street
  • Break a tooth or break a toe? Break a toe
  • Goat or goose? Goat
  • Frank Gehry or Frank Lloyd Wright? Frank Gehry
  • First time visit or back again? First time visit
  • Two wheels or four wheels? Two wheels
  • See a kid’s movie or read a kid’s book? Read a kid’s book
  • Meteor shower or eclipse? Meteor shower
  • Out of the blue or long anticipated? Out of the blue
  • Camp out or 5-star hotel? Both
  • Tennis or table tennis? Table tennis
  • Flowers or weeds? Flowers
"Most of my best experiences have been traveling. It’s good for the soul. It’s good for the mind. It brings you to a new center"