Senior Designer

Millie Kwong

  • Soho or Hampstead Heath? Soho
  • Madonna Then or adonna Now? Madonna then
  • Flash Gordon the Comic strip or movie? The movie
  • Painting or Sculpture? Painting
  • Brand new or Vintage? Vintage with a new twist
  • Cityscape or Landscape? Cityscape
  • Peanut Butter Pretzels or goldfish? Peanut butter pretzels!
  • Walk or Scooter? Scooter
  • Tour Guide or Use a Map? Both
  • Atlantic or Pacific? Pacific
  • Grizzly Bear or Bumble Bee? Bumble Bee
  • Sunshine or Fog? Sunshine
  • 2D or 3D? 3D
  • Be a student or be a teacher? Be a teacher
“In power rangers, they create these models that create a nostalgic moment versus the technology now, which is too real.”