Director O+A New York

Neil Bartley

  • The Hood or The Woods? The Hood
  • Thunderstorm or Snowstorm? Thunderstorm
  • Bluegrass or Blues? Bluegrass
  • Astronomy or Biology? Biology
  • Frank Gehry or Santiago Calatrava? Santiago Calatrava
  • Martin Scorsese or Woody Allen? Martin Scorsese
  • Hangover or Sunburn? I don't get hangovers.
  • Zap or Marvel Comics? Marvel
  • Pyramids or the Great Wall of China? Pyramids
  • Popeye's or KFC? KFC
  • Right all along or Stand corrected? Right all along
  • Porcupine or Badger? Badger
  • Voting booth or Absentee ballot? Voting booth
  • Summer or Autumn? Autumn
“I've been documenting how much money I find. On the ground. I feel like I can find more money on the sidewalk than Bank of America is paying me in interest. So I'm starting to create these little hypotheses - where money would be. Outside of bars, outside of little corner stores...I feel like I'm a golfer studying the greens. Like, oh wow, if someone dropped money here - which way would it roll?”