Graphic Designer

Olivia Ward

  • Matilda or Ramona? Matilda
  • Beer or Wine? Beer
  • Chalks or Paints? Paints
  • Sleep in tent or Sleep under the stars? Sleep under the stars
  • Spock or Kirk? Spock
  • Mural or Miniature? Miniature
  • Lena Dunham or Zooey Deschanel? Lena Dunham
  • Frog or Turtle? Turtle
  • Mango or Papaya? Mango
  • Pixar or Dreamworks? Laika Studios
  • Michelle Obama or Barack Obama? Michelle Obama
  • Moon or Mars? Both
  • Read to someone or Be read to? Be read to
  • Bulldog or Basset? Basset
“I‘ve been really interested in making things out of clay lately, making monsters in 3-D. I like it that people can take them home. They're an odd assortment of characters, and everyone gets a new buddy that can go home with them.”