Project Architect

Patrick Bradley

  • Modeling or Rendering? Rendering
  • Desert or Ocean? Desert. My home.
  • Portraits or Nature? Nature
  • Hashtags or Captions? Hashtags
  • GIF or Meme? GIF
  • Lady Gaga or Madonna? Lady Gaga
  • Animation or Real Life? Animation
  • Keith Haring or Banksy? Banksy
  • Straight Lines or Curves? Straight lines
  • Fabrics or Fixtures? Fabrics
  • Type or Images? Images
  • Exterior or Interior? Exterior
  • Camera or iPhone? iPhone
  • Metal or Stone? Metal
“As a photographer, I’m no professional. I use mostly iPhone and Instagram, not gonna lie! [The file sizes are smaller] They’re not the highest-resolution images, but they're an instant record of where you are and where you’ve been. It’s a cool little digital document of our world.”