Perry Stephney

  • Ducati or Harley? Ducati
  • Dry rub or Wet rub? Wet rub
  • Diana Ross or Aretha Franklin? Gotta go with the Boss. Diana Ross.
  • Troy Aikman or Emmitt Smith? Emmitt Smith
  • Street or Topographic Maps? Street
  • Making schedules or Writing proposals? Equal Challenges. Both.
  • Adulthood or Childhood? Childhood
  • Camping or Cabin? Cabin
  • Kentucky or Tennessee Bourbon? Depends on my mood.
  • Gucci or Chanel? Fred Perry
  • Flip Flops or Sandals? Not into exposed feet. Neither.
  • Beating the Redskins or the Giants? Giants
  • Cherokee or Wrangler? Wrangler
  • Classic or Cutting Edge? Classic
“We've come to a place where everything is quicker, faster and all within reach of your phone but it has also become very homogenous. The same. Traditional is a throwback to the past. It's maintaining something that is timeless and identifiable.”