Senior Project Manager

Ryan Barr

  • Cap forward or cap backward? Cap forward
  • Trial and error or look it up? Look it up
  • River or lake? Lake
  • Little Five Points or Larimer Square? Little Five Points
  • Symphony or Medical Breakthrough? Medical breakthrough
  • Pick the lock or climb through a window? Climb through a window
  • Cactus or palm? Cactus
  • 5-star resort or wilderness cabin? 5-Star Resort
  • Crow or eagle? Eagle
  • Engineering or bio-engineering? Bio-engineering
  • Shakespeare or Star Wars? Star Wars
  • Steak for breakfast or eggs for dinner? Steak for breakfast
  • New York or LA? New York
  • Arrest global warming or deal with the consequences? Arrest global warming
“Having kids is mostly about learning to adjust. It also really forces patience because they’re nonsensical little beings: ‘You’re going to get exactly what you want. Why are you yelling?’”