Project Manager

Samantha Offringa

  • Glasses or Contacts? Glasses
  • Freestyle or Breaststroke? Freestyle
  • Player or Fan? Fan
  • Triceratops or Trachodon? Triceratops
  • Tinker or Thinker? Thinker
  • Half Empty or Half Full? Half Full
  • Watch or Phone? Watch
  • Pedigree or Pound? Pound
  • Spender or Saver? A little of both.
  • Pork Tenderloin or BLT? Carnitas Taco
  • Open Water or Swimming Pool? Open Water. The Bay.
  • Metallic or Primary? Metallic
  • White Out or Cross Out? White Out
  • Results or Process? Process
"I like the juxtaposition between the playful and the precious. When in doubt, paint it gold. That’s my motto."