Executive Assistant

Thomas Kany

  • House or Dub? House
  • Donut or Bagel? Donut
  • Outdoor festivals or Indoor concerts? That’s a tough one. Indoor.
  • Reality TV or Sitcoms? Reality TV
  • Stamp or Stickers? Stickers
  • Black or Red? Red
  • Juice or Smoothie? Smoothie
  • Hardwood or Carpet? Hardwood
  • Graphic Tee or Button down? Graphic Tee
  • Whole Foods or Trader Joe's? Trader Joe's
  • Bubbly or Still? Bubbly
  • Horizontal or Vertical? Vertical
  • Trench or Pea Coat? Pea Coat
  • Vivid or Subtle? Vivid
“I don't know if I consider myself a legit foodie. I am more traditional when it comes to eating; I just like to eat and I want my food to be good. It could be chicken nuggets or chicken liver pate!”