3D Designer

Tova Schachter

  • DIY or Commission? DIY
  • Couch Surfer or Road Runner? Couch Surfer
  • Cliff Hanger or Happily Ever After? Happily Ever After
  • Surrealism or Realism? Realism
  • Keep with Traditions or In with the New? Keep with Traditions
  • Religion or Science? Religion
  • Chesterfield or Couch? Chesterfield
  • The MET or The Tate? The MET
  • Souvenirs or Photographs? Souvenirs
  • Industrial or Digital? Industrial
  • Lines or Shapes? Lines
  • Cook-Out or Take-Out? Cook-Out
  • Clumsy or Graceful? Clumsy
  • Hockey or Baseball? Baseball. Hockey. It should be hockey.
“When I worked in a museum, I'd watch outside vendors just sort of plunk down exhibits into our galleries and it wasn’t really thought out. At all. The visitor experience turned into human traffic jams. I thought that there had to be a better way to lay this out. I quit everything and went back to design school.”