Artist Series #11 Weekend Arts

This edition of the Artist Series recognizes McDonald’s new multi-floor headquarters in Chicago’s West Loop. Multi-floor? Perhaps we should say “multi-layered,” because the focus of this piece is previous O+A staffer Kristina Cho’s layer cake conceived and baked as a tribute to that project’s delicious design. Kristina is a designer and blogger–check out her popular EatChoFood blog–and her cake was so extraordinary we built a faux newspaper around it. This “Sunday Arts Section” with imaginary food and art critics, imaginary classified ads and lots of real photos of McDonald’s HQ was designed as a broadsheet because O+A loves newspapers and because Kristina’s cake deserved a sumptuous two-page spread.

Participating Artists—Kristina Cho, Chelsea Hedrick, Verda Alexander, Elizabeth Vereker, Al McKee