Artist Series #2 Happy Holidays

The second show of the series, which hit around the time of the holidays, held onto the open call process, but dropped the client connection so artists could approach the season free of commercial context. O+A is an animal-friendly office and the theme chosen for Series 2 was the pets—four dogs, one cat, one pig—loved and sheltered by O+A’s staff.

Each artist picked a pet—not his own—and rendered it in various styles and media, the whole menagerie then combined into a concertina holiday card, complete with personal quotes from each animal.

Original portraits of the animals O+A staffers have brought into their homes: dogs, a cat, a pig. Yes, a pig. Each festively rendered and joined together in a panoramic card complete with holiday greetings from the pets.

Participating Artists—Jeorge Jordan, Olivia Ward,
Oren Aks, Kelly Waters, Morgan Weatherford

Participating Animals—Scout, Boots, Maxwell,
Oscar, Henry

“Art is the proper task of life.”

Friedrich Nietzsche