Coming soon: a stellar new workplace at Slack


Twists and turns in a forest path; the soft light of a desert evening; the sanctuary behind a waterfall…

What do these things have to do with a tech office in downtown San Francisco? That question will be answered soon with the debut on this website of our new design for Slack. Earlier this year Slack’s team moved into the first four floors of ten being developed by O+A. The project promises to be one of our most creative ever—ten floors inspired by nature and CEO Stewart Butterfield’s conviction that wilderness has much to teach us about working together.

O+A designers worked with Slack’s visionaries to create a truly unique workplace—an office complex that defies space planning conventions, stacks scenic payoffs like a mountain trail and gives its users a versatile and stimulating environment in which to achieve their highest aspirations. We can’t wait to show photos of this vivid new step forward for O+A—and for workplace.

Watch this space for the big reveal soon. And if you’d like to be alerted, type SHOW ME SLACK email us at Hello AT o-plus-a DOTcom

Slack was honoured at the Best Of Year Awards this November in New York. More to come!





Wilderness has much to teach us about working together.

Stewart Butterfield, CEO of Slack