Making the List!

Interior design is one of those intensely what-have-you-done-for-me-lately professions. However notable your accomplishments a year or two ago, to remain at the forefront of design you have to knock people’s socks off pretty much as soon as they get their socks back on. That’s why O+A is always thrilled to make the industry’s lists.


O+A sees designing space as designing experience. For that reason, we’re never satisfied to repeat ourselves. We like to plunge into every project as if it’s our first and to reinvent not just the wheel, but the whole concept of motion every time. We think the reason we keep making lists of groundbreaking design is that every design for us is a new experience, a new experiment in the way people interact with space.

AN Interior’s 2nd Annual Top 50 List honors interior architects and designers around the country who are doing eye-catching, game-changing work.

For a company like O+A that’s been in business for 28 years making this list is confirmation that our efforts to stay lean, stay hungry, toss our laurels out the window uncrushed are bearing fruit. It’s an honor to be included in this distinguished roster of talent, but it’s particularly satisfying to be there with all the promising newcomers and emerging design stars. Thank you AN Interior!


Studio O+A proves that corporate interiors can be anything but sterile as it learns from and expands beyond tech workspaces.”

AN Interior’s

And thank you Fast Company for naming O+A one of the Top Ten Most Innovative Companies in Design.

Every year Fast Co recognizes companies who are shaking things up in their fields of expertise. This year they tapped O+A co-founder Primo Orpilla for Canopy, the poly-dexterous workstation he designed for Kimball. The innovative idea behind Canopy was that a single work unit could have all the features and functions of an office, that it could employ a system of adjustable surfaces and optional accessories to make every desk adaptable to every situation. That it does this while retaining a spare, minimalist profile is almost as innovative as the innovations.

“Studio O + A is an interior design studio in San Francisco, best known for designing stylish offices for tech clients such as Cisco, Uber, Alibaba, Yelp, and Capital One Labs. In 2018, Studio O + A brought its design expertise to the masses, with the release of Canopy, a modern workstation developed with the furniture brand Kimball. Canopy can be configured different ways to function as a freestanding office within an office–ideal for the ever-mutable workspaces of companies today. “

Fast Company