Design Assistant

Aditi Saldanha

  • New city or old city? New city
  • Cork or Ames? Strongly Cork!
  • "Black Panther” or “Crazy Rich Asians?" “Crazy Rich Asians"
  • Swan or duck? Swan
  • Cornbread or carrot cake? Carrot Cake
  • Plan your trip or improvise it? Plan your trip
  • Sandstorm or snowstorm? Snowstorm
  • Bluff an answer or leave it blank? Bluff an answer
  • Binge watch or week-by-week? Binge watch
  • Pinch your finger or stub your toe? Pinch your finger
  • Do it or blog about it? Do it
  • Midwest or Middle East? Middle East
  • Hand sketch or CAD drawing? CAD drawing
  • Music or crickets? Music
I’ve still yet to do the solo travel around the world. It’s like a millennial thing you do nowadays. Quit your job and travel.