Head Writer

Al McKee

  • Bookmark or Dog ear? Dog ear
  • Happily Ever After or Cliff Hanger? Cliff Hanger
  • Musical or Play? Play
  • Domestic or International Terminal? International
  • Modern or Renaissance? Modern
  • Cobbler or Cake? Cobbler
  • Miles Davis or Bill Monroe? Bill Monroe
  • Old Fashioned or Martini? Coca Cola
  • This American Life or 99% Invisible? 99% Invisible
  • Park or Pier? Pier
  • Covent Garden or Kensington? Kensington
  • No windows or Completely transparent? Completely transparent
  • Scrabble or Crosswords? Scrabble
  • Fog or Snow? Fog
“I wanted a nice, simple job during the day so I could go home and write my book. This looked like a nice, simple job at first and then I got here and realized that there is a lot more to this than I thought.”