Project Designer

Alex Pokas

  • Math or watercolor? Math
  • Greensboro hot or Chicago cold? Greensboro hot
  • Keep a secret or spill the beans? Keep a secret
  • Crocodile or hippopotamus? Crocodile
  • Ponte Vecchio or Clark Street Bridge? Ponte Vecchio
  • Bad haircut or ill-fitting shoes? Bad haircut
  • Michelle Wolf or Sarah Silverman? Michelle Wolf
  • Deep dish or thin crust? Deep dish
  • Complain about the noise or live with the noise? live with the noise
  • Novel or graphic novel? Novel
  • Amy Winehouse or Beyonce? Beyonce
  • Hills or prairie? Hills
  • Work with an intern or work with CEO? Depends on the person
  • Design it or build it? Both
"In the last year I’ve started natural dyeing— basically pulling color out of flower petals, bark, nuts, avocados and applying it to a natural fiber. A lot of the time it’s not the color you’d expect. Avocado turns pink."