Senior Project Manager

Alexis Kraft

  • East River or Hudson River? East River
  • Annie Lennox or Tina Turner? Annie Lennox
  • Stuck in an elevator or stranded on a roof? Stranded on a roof
  • Godfather I or Godfather ll? Godfather LL
  • Eggs or oatmeal? Eggs
  • First to leave or last to go? Last to go
  • Residential or commercial? Commercial
  • Hawk or crow? Hawk
  • Movies or television? Television
  • Iconic shell or cozy interior? Iconic shell
  • Alone in a field or alone in a crowd? Alone in a field
  • Say “No thank you” or choke it down? Choke it down
  • Bridge or tower? Tower
  • Paris or Los Angeles? Paris
Being involved in defining the direction of anything is always fascinating to me. That’s one of the great things about teaching. Students show up and say, “Show me what to do.” And I say, “Uh-uh. Doesn’t work that way. You show ME what to do.”
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