Amy Berg

  • Draw it or build it? Build it
  • Milkshake or root beer float? Milkshake
  • Octopus or sea turtle? Sea turtle
  • Staycation or travel far? Travel far
  • Howling wind or blazing sun? Blazing sun
  • Shoe in the river or hat in a tree? Hat in a tree
  • German Village or Italian Village? German Village
  • Bookstore or hardware store? Hardware store
  • Stay late or come in early? Come in early
  • Hermione or Wonder Woman? Wonder Woman
  • Solo flight or solo sail? Solo flight
  • Wendy’s or White Castle? Wendy’s
  • Lose your wallet or lose your phone? Lose your phone
  • Pastels or primary colors? Pastels
I miss the country. I miss walking around barefoot. When I go home now if I go in the summertime I just want to kick off my shoes and walk around in the grass."