Project Designer

Brianna Bernstein

  • Zippers or Buttons? Zippers
  • SoCal or NorCal? SoCal
  • Quantity or Quality? Quality
  • Hole-in-the-Wall or Trendy? Trendy
  • Carpet or Tile? Tile
  • Mimosa or Bloody Mary? Mimosa
  • Gaslamp or Marina? Marina
  • Paddleboarding or Surfing? Both
  • Doodle or Journal? Journal
  • Zoo or Aquarium? Aquarium
  • Emily Bronte or Jane Austen? Jane Austen
  • Craft fair or Art museum? Art museum
  • Feathers or Fringe? Feathers
  • Appetizers or Dessert? Dessert
“I have one of those maps in my room that has all the little colored pins. I started pinning all the places I've visited and wanted to go and then I was like “This is silly. I can’t see any of the cities.” Now I just have a map with a bunch of holes in it.”
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