Project Designer

Caitlin Torrington

  • Amusement park or day at the beach? Amusement park
  • Bondi Beach or Whitehaven Beach? Whitehaven Beach
  • City or countryside? City on weekdays, country on weekends
  • Doing burpees or running grandstands? Running grandstands
  • High-tech or low-tech? Low-tech
  • Koalas or wallabies? Wallabies
  • Living room or bedroom? Bedroom
  • Loud neighbors or nosey neighbors? Nosey neighbors
  • Patterned or plain? Patterned
  • Puzzles or board games? Board games—I'm a big Monopoly fan
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
  • Swim in a pool or swim in the sea? Swim in the sea
  • Tim Tams or Violet Crumbles? Tim Tams
  • Working alone or working in a team? Working in a team