Senior Designer

Cathy Barrett

  • Conference room or conference Zoom? Conference room
  • Walnut or oak? Walnut
  • Know what you’re getting into or take it as it comes? Take it as it comes
  • A million square feet or a thousand square feet? Both
  • Muncie or Dubai? Please pick a third place
  • Snowstorm or thunderstorm? Thunderstorm
  • Watch the news or avoid the news? Watch the news
  • Sandcastle or real castle? Real castle
  • Talk to yourself or think to yourself? Think to myself
  • Jane Austen or Flannery O’Connor? Both
  • Swan or duck? Duck
  • Corn tortilla or flour tortilla? Corn tortilla
  • Draw it on a napkin or draw it on a screen? Depends on how accurate I have to be
  • Work from home or home from work? Home from work
"We each came up with a word that was going to be our intention for the coming year. My word was 'liminal'—sort of being on the threshold. There are all these changes brewing, so 'liminal,' crossing over the threshold, is my word."