Senior Designer

Chase Lunt

  • Hammer or Torch? Both
  • Road trip north or south? South
  • Golden Gate or Oakland Bay Bridge? The old Bay Bridge
  • Flat tire or Run out of gas? I'm tired of both.
  • Ramones or Sex Pistols? Ramones
  • Halloween or New Years? New Years
  • Giants or Niners? Niners
  • Fold or Bluff? Bluff
  • Food trucks or Food court? Trucks
  • Anchor Steam or Budweiser? Anchor Steam
  • Swiss or Brie? Brie
  • Zebra or Giraffe? A donkey painted like a zebra.
  • Lucky or Smart? Smart
  • Cotton or Wool? Cotton
“Can I change my answer to number 5? The Clash. Joe Strummer just had a deep sea snail named after him: Alviniconcha strummeri. Now that's punk rock.”