Senior Designer - Brand

Chelsea Hedrick

  • Night Market or Floating Market? Floating Market
  • Pencil or ink? Ink
  • Spicy or mild? Mild
  • The Exorcist or The Shining? The Shining
  • Sprain your ankle or sprain your wrist? Sprain your wrist
  • Chicken in the yard or duck in the pond? Chicken in the yard
  • Espresso or diner coffee? Espresso
  • Know what’s coming or no clue what’s coming? No clue what’s coming
  • Monsoon or drought? Drought
  • Law and Order or Hawaii Five-O? Law and Order
  • Crickets chirping or distant train? Distant train
  • Calendar clear or calendar full? Calendar clear
  • Rachel Maddow or Megyn Kelly? Rachel Maddow
  • Miss your flight going or coming back? Coming back
“On the weekends I like to go to the beach. We like Mussel Rock Park in Pacifica. There is an overlook so the tailgate of the 4Runner comes down. We put a blanket in the back, maybe bring some wine, watch a sunset, go on a hike maybe.”