Communications Manager

Christie Wang

  • A week without media or a week without sun? A week without media
  • Arrive super late or skip the event? Arrive super late
  • Call a plumber or live with the drip? Call a plumber
  • Cityscape or wild horizon? Cityscape
  • Cake or pie? Is cheesecake cake?
  • Crank up the music or turn it down? Crank up the music
  • Design for digital or design for print? Design for print
  • Dolphin or sea turtle? Sea turtle
  • Elevator or escalator? Escalator
  • Food truck or fancy lunch? Food truck
  • Jordan Peele funny or Jordan Peele scary? Jordan Peele scary
  • Kazuyo Sejima or Zaha Hadid? Kazuyo Sejima
  • Tik Tok or YouTube? YouTube
  • Venice Beach or Malibu? Malibu
"I went to architecture school and what I loved most was creating an identity for something. To be honest, I mostly liked making presentation boards. But after so many years, ending up here, I realized what I love to do. Communication design. Visual identity. I ended up exactly where I wanted to be."