Director of Projects

Dan Kretchmer

  • Kayak or Expedia? Kayak
  • Clipping coupons or Full price? Clipping coupons
  • Street Food or Restaurant? Both
  • Voicemail or Email? Email
  • Potholes or Turbulence? Turbulence
  • Stephen Colbert or Jon Stewart? Jon Stewart
  • Forward or Backward? Forward
  • Basecamp or Filemaker? What's Filemaker?
  • Warriors or Cavs? Cavs
  • Arcade Fire or Radiohead? Arcade Fire
  • Road or Mountain biking? Road
  • Slapstick or Dry humor? Slapstick
  • Pulp Fiction or Shawshank Redemption? Pulp Fiction
  • For the kids or For the animals? For the kids
“If it were up to me I would just go out on weeklong trips into the woods.”