Design Director

Dani Gelfand

  • Space planning or Furniture selections? Space planning
  • IPA or Stout? Stout
  • Hippie or Hipster? Hipster
  • Muffins or Loaves? Muffins
  • Peacock or Flamingo? Peacock
  • Monopoly or Life? Monopoly
  • Eating at a restaurant or Going to the movies alone? Restaurant
  • Sit all day or Stand all day? Stand all day
  • Cayenne or Lemon Pepper? Cayenne
  • Staples or Paper clips? Staples
  • Buy the dress or Rent the runway? Rent the runway
  • Jaywalk or Crosswalk? Crosswalk
  • Van Gogh or Dali? Van Gogh
  • Popcorn ceilings or Plastic covered furniture? Popcorn ceilings
“My husband and I wanted to get tattoos on our honeymoon but then we decided getting tattoos in a foreign country with a language barrier is probably not the smartest idea. I want to get the “Titanic” and he's going to get an ”iceberg.” I've always been obsessed with the Titanic and he's just going along with it.”