Project Designer

Edan Maoz

  • Rain on the window or wind in the trees? Wind in the trees
  • Dallas Contemporary or DMA? DMA
  • Heat wave or cold snap? Cold Snap
  • Van Gogh or Gaugin? Gaugin
  • Bats or rats? Bats
  • Pyramids of Giza or Great Wall of China? Pyramids of Giza
  • Alone in a field or alone in a crowd? Alone in a field
  • Rodeo or ballet? Ballet
  • Portrait or landscape? Landscape
  • Quiet the crowd or whip up the crowd? Whip up the crowd
  • Check your bag or carry it on? Carry it on
  • Lockhart Smokehouse or Pecan Lodge? Lockhart Smokehouse
  • Movies or television? Television
  • Car on fire or kitchen on fire? Kitchen on fire
“My apartment is mostly designed by my roommate. I’m a bit of a minimalist in that sense. I have a very strict one in/one out policy. So my room is pretty sparse.”