Elias Horat

  • Blue sky or gray sky? Blue sky
  • No wifi or no TV? No TV
  • Ground breaking or ribbon cutting? Ground breaking
  • Tiny house or condo? Tiny house
  • Cook it again or eat it burnt? Eat it burnt
  • Frank Gehry or Rem Koolhaas? Rem Koolhaas
  • Glacier or Yellowstone? Glacier
  • Old West or Westworld? Westworld
  • Ice cream or sorbet? Sorbet
  • Go for the high note or not this time? Go for the high note
  • Stars or neon? Stars
  • Polar bear or grizzly bear? Grizzly bear
  • Sit in a treehouse or sit in a tree? Sit in a tree
  • Review your performance or never look back? Review your performance
“We would play hide and go seek when it was getting darkish in a field of 50 acres. Almost like a magical upbringing. So much of it lives in me now that in some capacity I think I’ll go back to it for sure.”