Design Director

Elizabeth Vereker

  • Minimalist or Embellished? Minimalist
  • Filters or Raw? Raw
  • Movie or Book? Book
  • Weekend Roadtrip or Extended Vacation? Extended Vacation
  • Rain or Fog? Fog
  • Black tie or casual? Casual
  • Make a plan or wing it? Make a plan
  • Vintage or Modern? Vintage
  • Back of the class or front and center? Front and center
  • Impressionism or Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
  • Sweet or Savory Savory
  • Online or offline? Offline
  • Sunrise or sunset? Sunset
  • New York or Chicago? Chicago
  • Streaming or vinyl? Vinyl
“My inspiration comes from clutter—visual clutter. My workspace looks like a tornado hit it—neon post-its, scribbled to-do-lists, wind-up toys, Pantone chips—a very colorful tornado—empty Diet Coke cans, design books, a token bottle of Boone's Farm (for my Ohio roots)...”