Project Designer

Emily Cano

  • Ribs or brisket? Brisket
  • Bat or rat? Bat
  • Inner tube or river rope swing? Inner tube
  • Overheard smack or dissed to your face? Dissed to your face
  • Samantha Bee or Tina Fey? Tina Fey
  • Hat or no hat? Hat
  • NeoCon or South by Southwest? NeoCon
  • Print on fabric or print on paper? Print on paper
  • Peets or Starbucks? Neither
  • Revit or AutoCAD? Revit
  • Wasp in the kitchen or spider in the bathtub? Spider in the bathtub
  • Guess the end or totally surprised? Guess the end
  • Board game or video game? Board game
  • Science or political science? Science
  • Cleopatra or Queen Victoria? Cleopatra
“ I don’t think people are as friendly [in San Francisco] as in Austin. In Texas, people will randomly talk to you in the grocery store. People are real neighborly no matter where you go. Whereas here I’m that person that says, “Hi, how are you?” and people are like, “Okay, creeper, let’s move on.”