Director, Senior Project Manager

Eric Mersmann

  • Lake or river? River
  • Yosemite or Yellowstone? Yellowstone
  • Louis Sullivan or Mies van der Rohe? Mies van der Rohe
  • Shoot the movie or edit the movie? Shoot the movie
  • Pay the fine or go to court? Pay the fine
  • Pencil or cursor? Pencil
  • Brie or cheddar? Cheddar
  • Read the instructions or figure it out? Read the instructions
  • Salvage a mess or start all over? Start all over
  • Clydesdale or quarterhorse? Clydesdale
  • Helicopter or submarine? Helicopter
  • Flat tire or miss your flight? Flat tire
  • Lead the protest or draft the legislation? Draft the legislation
  • Morning walk or late night walk? Morning walk
"It was easy to social distance during that time. Hotels were open, but there were very few people. It was actually kind of nice. I would be standing someplace with amazing scenery and I would realize I’m the only one here."