Executive Assistant

Ginnie Rodriguez

  • Always connected or off the grid? Always connected
  • Bagel or biscuit? Bagel
  • Binge watch or spread it out? Binge watch
  • Climb a high ladder or crawl through a small space? Climb a high ladder
  • Drive or ride? Drive
  • Fleet Week or Fashion Week? Fashion Week
  • Hire a painter or paint it yourself? Paint it yourself
  • Hit the slopes or hit the beach? Hit the beach
  • Laugh about it or stew about it? Laugh about it
  • Mall or Main Street? Main Street
  • Record cold or record heat? Record heat
  • Starfish or seahorse? Seahorse
  • SF to NY or NY to SF? NY to SF
  • Trust the Internet or click to the source? Click to the source
"I like the people in this industry. They’re all a little quirky. This industry brings out everyone’s quirks. I dig that. I like that vibe."