Design Director

Grace Eun

  • Big dog or little dog? Big dog
  • Home with a book or night on the town? Home, but no book
  • Teaching or learning? Teaching
  • French Laundry or Noma Copenhagen? Noma Copenhagen
  • Build the concept or build the space? Build the space
  • Kayak or canoe? Neither, I can't swim
  • English to Korean or Korean to English? I try not to translate
  • Pastels or primary color? Can I say muted colors?
  • Check your notes or speak from memory? Speak from memory
  • Ocean Beach or Venice Beach? Ocean Beach
  • Order online or buy in the store? Buy in the store
  • Black Pink or BTS? Black Pink
  • Ambitious failure or modest success? Ambitious failure
  • See a new city or revisit a favorite? See a new city
"Whenever I go anywhere I really have to unpack my luggage. My clothing should be hanging in the closet and I should have the shoes laid out in the right location. My method to explore a new place? To lie down on the bed."