Jen Baran

  • Pancakes or waffles? Pancakes
  • Cross in the middle or walk to the light? Cross in the middle
  • Get it fixed or buy a new one? Buy a new one
  • Eames or Breuer? Eames
  • Alligator or snapping turtle? Alligator
  • Bitter or sweet? Sweet
  • Borocay or Coronado Beach? Borocay
  • Yoga or aerial yoga? Aerial yoga
  • Ponte Vecchio or Brooklyn Bridge? Ponte Vecchio
  • Wake at dawn or go to bed at dawn? Toss up.
  • Scrape your knee or hammer your thumb? Hammer your thumb
  • Watch the storm or go to the basement? Watch the storm
  • Sparklers or firecrackers? Sparklers
"I’ve known I wanted to do this forever. I was 7 years old, and I would redo my friends’ rooms constantly. Every single weekend I was redoing my room. My parents were like, “Enough! We’re not moving your furniture again.”