Kayla Goldberg

  • Rocky Mountains or Smoky Mountains? Rocky Mountains
  • Eat the mistake or send it back to the kitchen? Eat the mistake
  • Butterfly or lightning bug? Butterfly
  • Brie or cheddar? Both
  • Forsyth Park or Golden Gate Park? Golden Gate Park
  • New glass or old brick? Old brick
  • Headache or toothache? Headache
  • See it at home or see it in the theater? See it in the theater
  • Garden or wild? Wild
  • Know where you’re going or just walk around? Just walk around
  • Swim in a river or swim in a pool? Swim in a pool
  • Frida Kahlo or Georgia O’Keefe? Georgia O’Keefe
  • Aspen or oak? Aspen
  • Sneeze or hiccup? Sneeze
When I was little I always wanted to live by the ocean. And then in grad school I lived in Savannah and the ocean was a 10-minute drive away, and I was like, “I miss the mountains so much!”
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