Kaylen Parker

  • Franklin’s or Salt Lick? Salt Lick
  • Hippie or hipster? Hipster
  • Step on the bug or set the bug free? Depends on the bug
  • Brick or wood? Wood
  • Dusty or damp? Dusty
  • Martha Graham or Agnes DeMille Martha Graham
  • Latte or Cappuccino? Neither
  • Bay Bridge or Pennybacker Bridge? Bay Bridge
  • Ballet or tap? Ballet
  • Plan it all out or play it by ear? Both
  • Dog bite or cat scratch? Dog bite
  • Bird in the house or snake in the house? Bird in the house
  • Jungle or urban jungle? Urban jungle
  • Birthday card or birthday text? Birthday card
I think I’ve always drawn the correlation between movement and form. The way I like to dance is the way I like to design. ”