Kokeith Perry

  • Revolution or evolution? Revolution
  • Climb the fence or walk to the gate? Climb the fence
  • Chicago at night or San Francisco at night? Chicago at night
  • Lion King movie or Lion King on stage? Lion King movie
  • Hold a grudge or forget all about it? Hold a grudge
  • Piñata or Wrong Piñata? Wrong Piñata
  • Kierkegaard or Nietzsche? Kierkegaard
  • Deep dish or thin crust? Deep dish
  • Build a model or trust the drawings? Build a model
  • Turtle or frog? Turtle
  • Tree house or boat house? Boat house
  • Nomad or settler? Nomad
  • Fix your bike or get it fixed? Get it fixed
  • Tennis or table tennis? Tennis
“Chicago has THE best waterfront ever. It's insane. The Lake Michigan waterfront when you’re facing the beach and you turn around and it’s the Chicago skyline on the other side—and you’re just like right next to it? That’s insane.”