Project Manager

Laura Hapka

  • Russet or white? Russet
  • Start a painting or finish a painting? Start a painting
  • Move on to Plan B or make Plan A work? Move on to Plan B
  • Sing a solo or tell a joke? Tell a joke
  • Lake Vermillion or Rainy Lake? I got nothing
  • Less is more or more the merrier? Less is more
  • Cindy Sherman or Helen Frankenthaler? Helen Frankenthaler
  • Speak up or hold your peace? Speak up
  • Master plan it or step by step? Step by step
  • Spring snow or winter heat? Spring snow
  • Central Park or Golden Gate Park? Central Park
  • Snake in the boat or bee in the car? Bee in the car
  • View of the tower or view from the tower? View from the tower
  • Prince or Dylan? Prince
“Complicated minimalism. I don’t know how to actually say that. My artwork is complicated, but from afar it has a minimalist feel. When you look at my pieces they look very simple, but there’s a lot going on. Once you get into the piece, closer up, you realize all this intricate stuff is happening.”
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