Senior Designer

Lauren Barry

  • Cook for the party or have it catered? Cook for the party
  • Creek or river? River
  • Cut through the alley or stick to the main streets? Cut through the alley
  • Garrison Keillor or Louise Erdrich? Louise Erdrich
  • Guthrie Theater or Mixed Blood Theatre? Guthrie Theater
  • Mango or papaya? Papaya
  • Maple or birch? Maple
  • Midwest or West Coast? West Coast
  • Never miss the game or never watch the game? Never watch the game
  • Prince or Dylan? Dylan
  • Repurpose a space or design a new one? Repurpose a space
  • Sleepy hound or nervous yapper? Sleepy hound
  • Stew about it or let it go? Stew about it
  • Three cities in ten days or one city for ten days? Three cities in ten days
"For the past couple of years, something has been kind of guiding me to the West Coast. The more I started to listen to it and the more I did research, I started to realize that I was going through another shift in life and wasn’t meant to be facing the direction I was. The West Coast seems a lot lighter and brighter."